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Our Process

Whether you bring your floor plan design on a napkin or choose from one of our existing floor plans as a starting point, you tell us what’s most important in your home, and we figure out how to make it happen. During your design meeting, watch as your dream home comes to life on the paper in front of you. Our experienced associates can also help you with lot selection.

Floor Plan 


Wagner Holak cares deeply about providing a great home building experience, and that includes making financing easy. Our clients are free to choose the lender of their choice or work with our affiliated lenders to speed up the process. We take pride in knowing that our customers will receive an honest assessment and remain informed throughout every step of the new build financing process.

Building Your Home

Our custom construction means your home is designed exactly the way you envision it with the best construction materials. We oversee the entire construction process every step of the way to ensure a quality build. Building the right way underscores our commitment to you, and demonstrates our respect for the land we build on, the materials we select and vendors we use.

Moving In

There’s nothing like moving into a home you’ve created from the ground up. Once your house is complete, it will serve as a place to be enjoyed and to make memories for generations to come. At Wagner Holak Custom Homes, we’re honored to have the opportunity to work with you in making your vision your reality, and we’re confident you’ve received the best home building process possible.

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